Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Important MCQ Questions (Mechanical)

MCQ Related to Refrigeration and Air conditioning

Mcq related to refrigeration-and-air-conditioning

1. 1 ton of refrigeration is equivalent to ____

Ans: 3.5 kW

2. A bell Coleman cycle is ____

Ans: Reversed joule cycle

3. Hydrometer is used to determine ____

Ans: Specific gravity of the liquid

4. Sub-cooling in a vapour compression cycle.

Ans: Does not affect the required work and increase the refrigeration effect.

5. The expansion process in the throttling device of a vapour compression cycle is ____

Ans: isenthalpic process

6. Lowering the evaporator pressure in a vapour compression cycle ____

Ans: increase the required work and decrease the COP.

7. In ammonia - water vapour absorption refrigeration system ____

Ans: Ammonia is the refrigerant and water are absorbent.

8. Air refrigeration is preferably used in aircraft because ____

Ans: its weight per ton of refrigeration is low.

9. The refrigeration plants are charged by refrigerant from the cylinder at the ____

Ans: Receiver

10. Which of the following refrigerant characteristics change constantly during the cooling cycle?

Ans: Temperature and pressure

11. Moisture in a refrigerant system is removed by ____

Ans: Filter driers

12. The most suitable refrigerant for a commercial ice plant is ____

Ans: Hh3 (Ammonia)

13. Fittings in ammonia absorption refrigeration system are made of _____

Ans: Cast steel or forgings

14. Lithium bromide in vapour absorption refrigeration system is used as _____

Ans: Absorbent

15. The condenser and evaporator tubes in a freon refrigeration plant are made of _____

Ans: Copper

16. Vertical lines on the pressure-enthalpy chart show constant ____

Ans: Total heat line

17. The coefficient of performance is the ratio of the refrigerant effect to the ____

Ans: Heat of compression

         Work done by the compressor

         Enthalpy increases in compressor

18. Moisture in freon refrigeration system causes ____

Ans: Freezing automatic regulating valve.

19. During the sensible cooling process _____

Ans: Specific humidity remains constant

20. On the psychrometric chart, wet bulb temperature lines are _____

Ans: Straight inclined sloping downward to the right.

21. If air is heated without changing its moisture content, the dew point will be _____

Ans: Remains the same

22. Air is normally dehumidified by _____

Ans: Cooling

23. In vapour absorption refrigeration systems, which of the following fluids are commonly used?

Ans: Ammonia and water

24. Condensing temperature in a refrigerator is the temperature _____

Ans: at which refrigerant gas becomes liquid.

25. For air with a relative humidity of 80% _____

Ans: Dew point temperature is less than wet bulb temperature.

26. If the mass of moist air in an airtight vessel is heated to a higher temperature, then _____

Ans: Specific humidity of the air decreases.

27. The difference between dry bulb and wet bulb temperature increases as _____

Ans: Air becomes drier

28. Dehumidification is the process of removing moisture from the air with dry bulb temperature _____

Ans: Remaining constant.

29. Spray humidifying is the process of adding moisture to the air by passing it through _____

Ans: Washers

30. Dew point is _____

Ans: the temperature at which condensation of steam in saturated air will start.

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